Florentine Finds!

FLORENCE, Italy…ha! –I wish.

FLORENCE, SC– Dee and I met, grabbed a splash of gas, a drop of coffee, a quick breakfast sand’ and hit the road before dawn. We were like two mad women on a mission. Since I haven’t seen a good antique mall since say….August? I had been jonesin’ for a trip to seek and find at least one good piddlin’ spot. Here’s what we rummaged up…

some FAB shake/sundae glasses….for Ryan- who LOVE LOVE LOVEs my prized triple thick milkshakes! (be jealous)…

The Spinners Vintage Best Hits….OH YEAH! This is all Dad right here. I think he loved his sursie as well! I know I certainly was entertaining the ‘rents with some vintage dance moves. haha enough said–

argueably…my FAVORITE find of the trip! One for dee, one for me- Cross-stitched, Charleston “basket ladies.” Can I even begin to describe how GREAT these are? So Charleston, and just flat out awesome.

Sucker-Punch Sam – I had to name him, this is the first thing mom laid her hands on and she wanted to put it on the counter just 5 seconds after we had walked into Carolina Collectibles. He’s a heavy iron doorstop..a great conversation piece to add to her July decor!

…Check back later this weekend for THE FIND of the day! *You CANNOT miss this*

-the piggin’ piddler | mcw

Hello again!

So—left out a couple of pretty great finds. FIRST: I love Halloween and honestly will tell you it’s pretty much my favorite holiday and always has been…I could go on, but I’ll save it for October. 😉 What I won’t save until then are these spooktacular holiday finds…is it bad that I’m already ready to decorate? WELL- since learning about Edgar Allen Poe on Sullivan’s Island as a little girl, to his macabre poems studied countless times since 7th grade Literature class, (and yes of course, adoring POES from the day it opened), I have a fond love of all things Poe so that explains these next finds:

Annabelle Lee, herself!

also seen here, Edgar Allen Poe’s storied Raven…

Okay! At last…here’s the golden egg of the trip….

…after some humble researching this is what I have discovered. The above lovely piece of pine is called a “Hoosier” and named after the very popular Indiana company that made these kitchen cabinent solutions. At the time they were made, built in cabinets were rare as these served as a safe and rodent free way to store flour, sugar and the like in a “possum- belly” drawer that could not be chewed into. Check out some of the links (and pictures!) below…I can safely say, we got a serious steal on this piece! Wow- can’t wait to have my own house one day! …ENJOY!

Needless to say, I felt excited when we loaded this bad boy into mom’s car, but I feel like the luckiest piddlin’ girl in the world now that I own this unique piece of American Kitchen history…too cool. Can’t wait to find the perfect use for it! …thoughts of a permanent baking table are dancing through my mind right now. OOH joy- makes me want to get my mixer out right now and start baking for Easter!





Now…for a little extra treat I have one more thing:

…for our dear “piggin'” friend, Jessie. These are for you!

Let there be no doubt about it – this is the piggin’ cutest pig that the pig herself has ever seen. Jessie – thanks for the voicemail…we laughed until we cried. SO SO Glad you LOVED the PIG SurPriSe!

Stay tuned for more piddlin’ trips…sure to come! | ❤the p.p.