Sursies from Scott’s

Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta was incredibly overwhelming! Antiques were uncovered, memories were made, and without further ado, here are my finds:

Cast Iron Twine Holder/Dispensers @ $12 each, settled for $22-
Check In! Check Out! | Very hard to find!! Asking price $65….settled for $50.
A beautifully handcrafted mirror-frame off of an old oak dresser that will SOON become a chalkboard agenda for the house! | sticker price $48…SOLD! for  $35!
Another, shorter ladder…because there are too many neat things to do with ladders!! $30 asking price, I got it for $25-

And all these sundries cannot be fully enjoyed without a few pics from the rest of the trip:

Gotta have some good reading material!!! | Country Living is definitely our mag. of choice!
What’s a good girls’ trip without the Happy Hour spread!?
Loads & loads of such good “junque!!”

That’s all for now!

keep piddlin!


Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

So as they say…good things come in threes. I don’t know that I have ever experienced this phenomenon in the past, but I can definitely speak for it now.

I managed to make it through every day of last week with a smile on my face (which is a huge accomplishment), received countless encouragements from my co-workers, and on Friday evening I received a wedding proposal that was out of this world amazing (more to come later.)

It may be hard to believe, but these aren’t even the three good things I intended to share with you.

On the night of my engagement I also received three antiques. They are three that I will forever associate with the happiest time in my life to date.

1. A “nautical” antique lantern: given as a third of five clues leading me to Ryan on the beach and the aforementioned wedding proposal!

pondering the initial use of a lantern like this one…

2.  An antique I have been searching for everywhere since I first started piddlin’ with gusto: a fabulously old painter’s ladder with hardware to boot! Given as a gift from the one and only “sister Sara,” who is the sister of our dear neighbor Jessie Buck. (who we also call “the pig”- and that is a whole post for another day)

um…how piggin’ perfect is this ladder !?!?!

3. And finally, the most perfect ring I have ever seen and more than I ever dreamt it could be ….mine?! Yes. This is the third antique I was given after a beach dinner picnic and the 5 clues (baseballs with messages) leading up to it. I am not completely convinced that I deserve something of such stunning beauty, but I am forever thankful and quickly humbled by such a gift. I mean, just look at it: Found in Ryan’s very own Elizabeth City, North Carolina…a city just as beautiful as this ring and now, forever a part of our life together!

The most unique 1910-1920s Art Deco Estate Gold Filigree & Platinum Engagement Ring anyone has ever seen!
after a trip to the jeweler…its back on my finger clean sparkling and fitting like a glove!

It has been a long week, but every time I look down at that ring on my left hand, I am reminded about how much I am loved…and not just by the giver of such a beautiful gift, but also I am reminded of the love of his parents and mine who have spent and sacrificed so much of their time to bring us to this point. We are all truly looking forward to planning and celebrating such a happy occasion.

Finally, I must add that tomorrow is THE TRIP of a LIFETIME…

Okay. well. maybe not a LIFEtime, but it is certainly a big trip for any piddler, because since I knew it existed I have always wanted to take a trip down south to Atlanta, Georgia’s very own Scott’s Antique Show. I have only ever heard stories but tomorrow and subsequently after work, travel and sleep time, (Saturday) I will finally lay eyes on the closest antique Mecca South of the Mason Dixon and East of the Mighty Mississippi….SCOTTS! FINALLY!


WHOOHOO!!! We’re finally getting married!!!! I am the happiest and luckiest girl in the world!!!!

I leave you with one of my favorite lines by Emily Bronte, taken from Wuthering Heights:

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

Stay tuned because there are sure to be all sorts of fun finds on the blog next week!

happy piddlin!