Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

I hear wedding bells! 2012 has been deemed “The Year of Weddings” for many of my friends as well as Ryan and I. We have a wedding to attend in February and April, followed by three weddings in June, then our wedding arriving in September, and the most recent addition to the calendar is another Charleston wedding in November for a sorority sister. That adds up to 7 total! Did I mention that I am slated as a bridesmaid in a least four? Everyone told me it would happen this way and I must say, so far, it has really been FUN!!


With our engagement party last weekend,The shower season is finally upon us and in full swing. Now, in regards to piddlin’ matters I must first share with you a few antique sursies given to Ryan and By a few friends close to our heart, our engagement photog, the always fabulous, one and only, Sally Lund Freshour; our sweet matchmaker, Caroline Delongchamps; and my hardcore piddlin’ girlfriend Jessie (aka, for those of you who know her well, “The Pig” (a nickname her brother gave her as a young girl – haha everyone needs a brother!) So here goes: This perfectly vintage cake topper is the most fabulous one I have seen to date! Found at Charlotte, NC’s Seasonal International Antique Expo at Metrolina.

That Sally is some kind of awesome and I highly recommend her for any of your (engagement, wedding, baby, family, professional) photography needs! Added bonus: this girl will travel, so check out her website. And tell her I sent you! This pretty, antique cross made of beadboard is from Sweet Caroline D and has already found its place in a prominent spot by the door in my town home (which is where Ryan and I will live after the Big Day!)

And then, this fab sign- a staple item for every antique collectors home! So fun!

At this point, I cannot continue any further without sharing an item we acquired this Christmas!! This “Flexible Flyer” sled is authentic as they get and was once ridden down the hills of Blacksburg, Virginia by my fiancé! How amazing is this sled?!

Ryan has been telling me about it since last Christmas so naturally it was the first thing I asked about upon our arrival to Ryan’s parents’ house on December 23rd! She is a beauty and I’m already looking forward to putting a big fat bow with a nice fresh spring of cedar and fir next Christmas season! This poor sled may never be ridden in snow again, but it will always have a place of honor in this home!! Love her!!! Never in my wildest dreams, did I think I would have such an authentic sled in this picker’s antique inventory!

There is so much more to show you, so for fear of overloading you with excitement, I will have to leave it here for now ~ to be continued!!

Life is FULL of Surprises!

Mom always said, “If you’re good, life will be full of surprises!” So let’s see…there were a few stops in Southport, NC for Thanksgiving where Ryan’s brother lives, even though I wasn’t entirely sure we’d have time what with all the cooking, eating, napping, and football watching we had in store this Thanksgiving (our first together). That was where I first saw and fell in love with this *GEM* which was later given to me from Ryan’s parents for Christmas! *Such* a fabulous, fabulous surprise!

Then there were the somewhat surprise stops in Landrum, SC and Inman, SC en route to Asheville, NC where we actually found some very fab vintage coke glasses for Uncle Tom-which he LOVED, a neat baguette board as seen in this picture holding the green and gold ornaments:

and then from Inman,SC : we found these very fun Spanish tiles which I plan to make into coasters very soon!!

That was early December so our next trip came on December 22nd as we drove to Elizabeth City, NC to celebrate Christmas with The Jennings Families! We stopped just outside of New Bern, NC (yes, the birthplace of Pepsi) and found this wonderfully unique “Maola” milk crate complete with heavy steel/aluminum bottom. SO AWESOME:

AND the other fab find was an addition to mom’s collection of Royal Doulton children’s dish line, “Bunnykins.” The find? …a bowl that pictures bunny’s picking peaches!! AH! I wanted to keep it for myself, but she started her collection first! Hopefully my name gets written down to inherit it (wink, wink)!!

As if these great finds weren’t enough, we even were gifted with some cool antiques this Christmas that ONLY mom could have found—she always finds the BEST stuff!

So first-this awesome red, brit-inspired, mailbox!!

and then this really cool vintage baseball game given to Ryan, that brought back memories for our parents and grandparents alike! It proved to be very fun- and addicting! If it is not yet obvious, we are baseball junkies. You should see our house!

Last but not least, my sweet fiance found some very perfect items at Antiques Market that reminded him of me, a small sampler chalkboard (not pictured) and this fun sign (I’m def a beach girl!- very perfect!)

That’s all for now, but there’s STILL more to follow! So stay tuned for another update from the piddlin’ ‘press!

Happy Piddlin!

Holiday Wrap Up

Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year! Technically Christmas isn’t over until Friday, you know…but alas, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have come and gone, and boy were they good to us! I wish I had found some more time to share our holiday treats with everyone but here’s a quick taste of a little bit of what we’ve been up to:

We made some *fabulous* turkeys!

Saw a few lighthouses on Oak Island and Bald Head Island and this cool antique light fixture that I would have liked to take home with me!

Chipper turned 4 in December!

We trekked to Asheville, NC to enjoy one of our favorite quick trips to see The Biltmore all decked out for Christmas! …even cut down our first fresh Christmas tree!

We decked the halls!

Rang in 2012 with party hats, noise makers, homemade bacon-wrapped scallops and Andre!

Oh yea and we had a big time having our engagement shots taken by sweet Sally Freshour! She’s amazing!!

© Sally Freshour Photography 2011
© Sally Freshour Photography 2011
© Sally Freshour Photography 2011
© Sally Freshour Photography 2011

With our engagement party fast approaching, I can’t help but think what a great start 2012 has made. Only 9 short months left ’til the BIG DAY! As far as the piddlin’ side of life, we have managed to squeeze in a few quick-stops here and there between our travels…check back in a bit to catch all the fun deets!