Summer Celebrations

First of all! Happy Independence Day Weekend! Look at what I found to help celebrate!…

of course, a good find must always have a story so here’s how we found it!

…But first, I must add that Chipper was very helpful in taking this picture! He too was very excited about the patriotic star, and asked to be included in this post!

A dear neighbor of Ryan’s is every bit of southern belle, and what southern belle does not LOVE her antiques!? Erin, who is getting married in another 2 months time asked if we could make a sunday stop by my favorite piddlin’ haunts: Antiques Market! Luckily, they are open on Sundays (one of the many reasons why I LOVE the place).

I don’t have to be asked twice to go seekin’ a good antique find, so you know I was ready with bells on when it finally came time to go! And we had SUCH luck, which made the trip even more enjoyable. I found this lovely antique-blue tin star and with Erin’s help, I realized, I could NOT live without it! It was just the right price at $24- so it obviously came home with me!

Erin also had great luck and a GREAT eye for fabulous little sursies left and right. The first pick was a set of beautifully hemstitched linen handkerchiefs with gorgeous detail. She has her eye on them as a gift to her dear father for her wedding day! So thoughtful and beautifully southern-indeed! It will be an heirloom for years to come!

While wandering the aisles of the closest thing to antique-Mecca this side of The Cooper, there were many things to ooh and ahh at! I warned her when we walked in the door that it was very possible for me to spend the better part of the afternoon wandering, so it was a quick trip…which really is sometimes best! Because you only go for the things that really snag your eye, and make an impression on you. Some of my best finds have been on the road in an allotted time set per store! (see the post from last August!)

Also found today:  2 potential chairs for Erin’s living room—well, she is waiting in hopes they will break up the pair one day so she can go back for it…if anyone is looking for a chair like this one please contact me so y’all can go half-sies! Total price is listed as $550 for the pair, so…$275 per chair? Remember email me if interested! pigginpiddler@gmail :

Precious Erin also had a keen eye to find this sign on the floor of one of the booths with some local, Lowcountry flair:

and of course! What’s a perfect “pick” without an after shot! This sign just puts a finishing touch on Erin’s nautical red bathroom wall! I just LOVE it.

Last but not least: another finishing touch in the final countdown run to the BIG DAY! A basket for her flower girl, little princess Izzy! Erin literally said, “please help me find a basket for my flower girl to carry!” I walked around the corner and voila! the basket had been there for months, and I just happened to find it once more to give it THE perfect home. It’s quite beautiful, don’t you think?

This treasure really resembles a traditional Shaker basket, with the over-under style weave and the top border twisted ’round and ’round. What do you think? I know the basket I bought for my bicycle is similar and it wasn’t found at as good of a price as this one!  See here for more details on the different types of woven baskets found around the country.

I love the sandollars! Erin and Erik are getting married next to the water in September so what a pretty touch to place sandollars inside the basket until the wedding! Ryan and I wish them all the happiness in the world! I personally cannot WAIT to see pictures from the special day!

Finally, if you haven’t had enough red + white + blue yet, then here is just a little more to help with the festivities!

AND! How ’bout those GAMECOCKS?! It’s a good (TWO years) to be a Gamecock Alumni!

Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday to America!!

Here’s to fireworks, suntans, watermelon and another 235 years as a beautiful, strong, independent country!