Piddlin’ Sursies | Mom Knows Best!

In my haste to share our piddlin’ treasures from the birthday road trip-I forgot to share the great ‘tiques mom gave me the night before we left town! Mom taught me all about antiques and got me around people who appreciated a good vintage find as well as creative family friends who purpose the heck out of some old items!

Take a look at two items that only mom could have picked out for me! 

[>] First this too cute coffee tin…from none other than: Charleston,SC!  Isn’t she a cutie?! This tin will certainly hold something fun soon, but in the meantime I am just admiring all the decor and vintage typography along her sides! Miss Carolina Coffee….who knew?! See a few creative ways to use vintage tin cans to organize + decorate around your home here.



[>] Also, this beautiful damask hemstitched linen tablecloth! I cannot wait to use this for a pretty spread for some wonderful occasion soon. I can just imagine it at a wedding or baby shower! Isn’t this pattern so pretty?!


Mom truly knows best! 😉
| keep piddlin’!

Piddlin’ Trips | Birthday Piddlin’ in Atlanta

The hiatus is over! Check out the piddlin’ treasures we snagged from a few small towns outside Atlanta this past weekend to celebrate my birthday + read the weekend’s full story here. I am one lucky lady!

I so LOVE surprises, so Ryan woke me up early on Saturday with a folded piece of paper. On the front fold was an itinerary of stops carefully planned en route to Atlanta…because when I opened up the page to see all the stops, out fell two tickets to see The Braves take on the Nationals in what has become quite a heated sports rivalry! —it was a 15 inning game, y’all. It was a dream come true, because I can never get enough baseball! We even got to ring in my official birthday at The Ted- at the stroke of midnight all while a dense fog rolled in! It was perfect.
So we packed a quick bag, dropped off the pup and rode on adrenaline towards–as Scarlet O’Hara would say–“At-LAN-ta!”

Here were the piddlin’ stops {in order headed toward Atlanta from Charleston}:

Monroe, Georgia
1. Cherry Hill at the Mill, 601 S.
Madison Ave.
2. Pickers Paradise Antique Mall, 147
Etten Dr.

Loganville, GA
3. My Sister’s Antiques, 285 Main

Snellville, GA
4. Vintage Village, 2229 Scenic Hwy N

Best stop of them all? Read on!

First stop: Cherry Hill at The Mill
I just love this pretty little milk glass stand; it will be so perfect filled with a handful of candy corn in just a few short weeks! I’ve always wanted a milk glass piece with the loops around the edges where I can swap out a pretty ribbon for each season! {$7-}
Next, these adorable green enamel chairs stole my heart when they would not open up properly, or at all and so we had to leave them behind at just {$36/pair}!
Also found at Cherry Hill:
A perfectly vintage wire basket to use on my desk at work {pictured above}! What’s not to love?! {$12-}

And…this quaint little “tobacco farm sign” as it was labeled, with our anniversary day on it! This gem is double sided and boasts one side in very good condition as well as this wonderfully chippy side…best of both worlds when it comes to piddlin’ finds! Believe it or not it was also {$28-}!
Second stop: Pickers {not-so} Paradise 20130818-201954.jpg
Unfortunately, this stop was a tad on the scarce side! So we scooted over to our third stop: My Sister’s Antiques
This store was precious and really more a mix of “new-tiques” as Ryan has so aptly named them, or as i say “faux-tiques”. The best part, were the couple booths up toward the front of the store that had a Country French feel, boasting lots of chicken wire, chalkboards and a barely rusted feeding trough that I was squealing over {for wrapping supplies storage- my latest organization project}…alas, it was too long to fit in any room of our house! Maybe next time!

Stop 4: Vintage Village -Now! It always works this way that our last stop turns out to be the very best and we are almost always running a little shy on time. Regardless we have now found a treasure trove that we will be returning to someday soon for more sweet nick-nacks; think McCoy planters, candlestick holders, aprons, organizers, silver plate and glass decor and more. This was a speed pick, but we managed to make out like bandits with a few items for decorating and organizing, however no glass spooners which I’d so love to find! Without further ado…the rest of the loot!
This fabulously shabby silver plate candelabra will be the *perfect* addition to our Halloween decor!! At just {$12-} I’m not even sure I’m going to try to clean it up and yes— I love Halloween that much!


Next up, were these perfect little pewter…egg holders{?} that I have seen many a time in magazines and on Pinterest as drawer or desk organizers! These will add such a cute touch to my “office” at home or at work! {$3 ea.}


Last and certainly not least was something I looked high and low for in each of our previous stops: a dainty milk glass vase! Isn’t she a beauty?! {$10-}

Unwrapping all these beauties after we got home was like opening birthday gifts all over again!

What a fun trip! One day soon I will make it to Scott’s again…that second weekend of the month just keeps filling up for some reason-but I definitely have some unfinished business there…

| Until next time, adieu!