Piddlin’ Sursies | Mom Knows Best!

In my haste to share our piddlin’ treasures from the birthday road trip-I forgot to share the great ‘tiques mom gave me the night before we left town! Mom taught me all about antiques and got me around people who appreciated a good vintage find as well as creative family friends who purpose the heck out of some old items!

Take a look at two items that only mom could have picked out for me! 

[>] First this too cute coffee tin…from none other than: Charleston,SC!  Isn’t she a cutie?! This tin will certainly hold something fun soon, but in the meantime I am just admiring all the decor and vintage typography along her sides! Miss Carolina Coffee….who knew?! See a few creative ways to use vintage tin cans to organize + decorate around your home here.



[>] Also, this beautiful damask hemstitched linen tablecloth! I cannot wait to use this for a pretty spread for some wonderful occasion soon. I can just imagine it at a wedding or baby shower! Isn’t this pattern so pretty?!


Mom truly knows best! 😉
| keep piddlin’!

One thought on “Piddlin’ Sursies | Mom Knows Best!”

  1. Love reading the piddling posts by MC…..glad you love the handpicked especially for you birthday sursies. Enjoy, love Dede


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