Another weekend…another trip to my favorite booth! This was a very successful trip. I finally met and chatted with the two lovely owners, Pam and Sarah thus P.A.S.! I let them know how much I love their booth and how I am addicted to piddlin…even if it’s just for a second to see whats new at their little nook. Check out the loot would ya?!

While I was there, I was in search and determined to find Ryan an “endtable” of sorts that he requested for the space by his door for mail/keys/etc…a drop-all/catch-all is what I snagged. I was stuck on the table idea first, then realized it would be more fun to have something a little different…so i was thinkin a chair? with a kind of tray, box or bowl on top… after running from one side of AntiquesMarket to the other, heres what I ended up with!

ryan’s new “antique” catch-all

Not only does the RC cola crate have a new home and purpose, but check out the piggin’ stool! It looks as if it grew in this spot. I was lucky that it fit, because I did not have measurements with me at the time.

After snaggin the stool as well as my very first wooden bowl, I stopped by Hungryneck because I just felt like there could be something unique and awaiting me there. Today was becoming more and more my day after all…

30 minutes in, and not a minute more, I found THE coolest vintage soda bottles in great condition(seen above)…a weekend after finding all those bottlecaps, I knew what to look for….I saw almost one bottle per bottlecap I had rummaged through at Metrolina!

I have decided that Pepsi is more collectible than Coca-Cola…although I really am a Coke girl through and through! Ryan does love Pepsi, he’s bein’ from North Carolina and all!

But i digress- the logo has changed SO many times over the product’s life span that it really gives the Pepsi collectors a very fun and vibrant display of memorabilia. I think it’s so interesting to see how things like that can change over the course of a certain number of years! It’s so… American, thus the genre of antique I am constantly searching for ~ Americana!

And with that here is the last items I found while piddlin at Hungryneck on april 10 (btw everything was on SALE):

Have you ever seen such original looking burlap sacks…the one with the potato cowboy ended up in South Carolina all the way from Quincy, Washington. TOO cool. What’s even better, they were marked at $12 ea. and I snagged both for $12 total! I love the way burlap adds a certain scent to a room too, makes me think of a  rodeo, or a stable…or a home straight out of country livin’!

some unique soda bottle finds!

check out the rare bottle finds I piddled!!!

(L-R) A very primitive Pepsi bottle, before the painted bottle phase…bottle has Pepsi written in the glass with a nice swirl to the glass from top to bottom all around;

a very dated RC cola bottle with SUCH character!!! the white crown located at the neck on front and backside, and the brand spelt out…timeless!;

a well-priced Pepsi bottle from a little further down the timeline of the popular soda brand;

and best for last, the DR PEPPER bottle with 10, 2 & 4 on the bottle as well as the brand logos at top and bottom. Check out this old Dr. Pepper commerical!!

Safe to say my soda bottle collection is complete. What more could a piddler like me ask for!?  That’s all for now….more to come!!

happy piddlin’ | mcw

2 thoughts on “Odds-N-Ends”

  1. Hi Mary Catherine – love your blog…
    My daughter Meredith called to say you guys had touched base. I was thrilled to see our booth on your blog – what an honor! Still huntin’ and just got back from Metrolina today – had a blast. The weather was not good so some vendors were dumping things for good prices. Hope you had fun – See ya – Sarah Ray


    1. Oh fabulous!! What a small world!! 🙂 I still cannot believe that you are Meredith’s mom! Your booth is one of my happy places, even if I sneak in as they are closing up, I go by every chance I get to see what neat finds you ladies have dug up. I went to Metrolina with my mom on Thursday and it was disgusting weather, but we managed to dig up a few things. We’ve been pretty upset lately by the lack of “inventory” there, and even the prices just seem to be a little skewed at times. I worked a few vendors for “rainy day deals” but still. I can’t wait to check out what you’ve found!! thanks for saying hello! All of this is just too much fun.

      -“the piddler”

      ps. i just love Mere! She was an inspiration to me in school, such a hardworking passionate person, and i know she is just doing so well up north!


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