Bouckville 2011

A guest post by our friend, Sarah from New York on her piddlin’ adventures near and far: Enjoy!!

Bouckville, or should I say Madison & Bouckville, are quaint villages located side by side about 30 miles southeast of Syracuse, New York. The two locales are known for their numerous antiques shops and enormous antiques festival held every summer. In mid-August, both communities transform into an endless piddler’s delight; fields & fields of vendors, tent after tent, shop after shop, and deal after deal. There’s something for everyone at Madison Bouckville’s Antiques Week.

I’ve had the privilege of attending this antiques extravaganza over the past 4 years. I know I’ve never come close to seeing it all! I recommend you arrive early and stay late. Eat salt potatoes amp; fried dough at any one of the many food vendors you’ll find street side along US Route 20. Bring a wagon or cart – you’ll need it to carry your many wares. No one wants to trek back to their cars once they’re in their groove.

This year I picked up 3 old Maxwell House Coffee tins (without lids) for $1 each:

…a blue & white vintage spice rack with ceramic jars depicting the following spices: salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice & paprika for $25:

and an old blue & white swirl graniteware colander for $20.

I also purchased a piggin gift for my Sister Jessie (aka Pig). Hint: it’s so “piggin” cute; hope she can use it for her cookbooks in the kitchen. This represents the least amount of purchases I’ve ever scored at Bouckville.

In years past I’ve picked up kitchen chairs, more blue & white swirl graniteware and a collection of equestrian goodies that I used to decorate my daughter’s bedroom (back when she was interested in horses). BTW those items are now for sale if y’all like horses.

I’ve been with a friend who scored an oak desk for her hubby (that helped justify her other purchases) and another friend who found the perfect side table. Last year I found 2 kitchen cabinets that I absolutely loved but knew I could not justify buying them. They weren’t there this year; I know as I looked and looked thinking I might just break down and “acquire” one. “Acquire” is what I say to my husband when I don’t exactly tell him how much an item was. (editor’s note: this is a sign of a good seasoned picker! haha)

If The Piggin Piddler (aka Mary Catherine) allows, I’ll update y’all from Central New York next August as I return to Madison Bouckville Antiques Week in search of the perfect piggin’ kitchen cupboard.

Sista Sara |

Thanks to Sister Sara for the fabulous post! What a great pick she had! If YOU are interested in guest posting, just email me at! Stay tuned for the latest on this piddler’s recent move and revamp of the soon to be love nest~ until then keep piddlin’!

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