Piddlin’ Decor | Polished Powder Room

When a collection of vintage framed photographs + artwork 5 years in the making finds a new purpose in a tiny wash closet, the result is a polished powder room!  See how a few piddlin’ finds came together below:


This project has been years in the making- no exaggeration.  The wheels have been spinning on this room since I moved into the townhouse my architect beau acquired + fixed up prior to our meeting.  Upon my arrival on the scene, he had taken off at least one layer of wallpaper + turned this wash closet into a functional + modern powder room with dark slate tiles, wainscoting, a small vanity sink, a n d…butter yellow paint.

The blah yellow had left me feeling washed out for the last time- it had to go.

About the time I found myself daydreaming about the fun, punchy, patterned wallpapers that were sure to be the quick fix I was looking for, I was convinced otherwise by my architect husband that wallpaper–i.e. the same stuff he had so painstakingly removed from almost every wall in our home once already– would certainly not be the way to go + so I was tasked to pick a paint color.


F i f t e e n…paint chips + a few weeks later, with the help of my alarmingly astute toddler “we” picked Urbane Bronze from Sherwin Williams + I could not be happier with how it turned out!  It’s bold, earthy + warm without bringing too much purple or blue + has a hint of olive that reminds me very much of the pluff mud of my coastal upbringing.

The extras: I LOVE how the antique ladder-turned-towel rack, the preserved mini boxwood wreath that adorns it, the repurposed sterling creamer {pretty polished or tarnished} + the paint color chosen, all work together to compliment the salon style art on the walls {featuring a mixed motif of coastal inspired art + vintage group photos}  As a result, this is currently + perhaps rather oddly, my favorite room in our home.



| More exciting piddlin’ adventures to come…




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