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Piddlin’ Finds | Carriage Door

‘pressed while listening to my family napping + the sounds of The Piano Bar via Spotify…the latter of which you too can enjoy, here!

We have had a stroke of piddlin’ magic this morning! We set out to have some casual Saturday fun with the girls around town, while hunting for a door for our master bathroom + we found it!

Since moving into our suburban Georgia home, we have debated the best way to treat the 36″ cased opening that connects master bedroom to bathroom. For those of you like me who do not know the sizes of doors off hand, that is about the size of your average front/exterior door. After trying it wide open for some time now, we have decided to hang a sliding door for a bit of privacy as well as rustic charm + found a bit of time to prioritize the project this weekend! Never did we expect to have such timely luck in our search.

Over the years, –can you believe it’s almost been a decade?!– we’ve learned every good piddlin’ trip begins with a decent fuel-up.  This morning called for doughnuts for the girls, a savory “Ooey-Gooey Biscuit” for us + some Counter Culture Coffee from Roswell’s Sugar Shack in the Back. We filled our bellies + headed on to Marietta Reclamation in Smyrna.

Upon arrival, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect, as it looked a little bit different than it had online–alas, this is a normal part of the piddlin’ adventure! The hand-painted door + strung lights drew us right in. Once through the front door, we found one of the most charming collections of architectural salvage + Americana odds + ends that we have ever come across! Not only that, but once we found what we came for *!YAY!* the husband + wife owners helped us load up with a smile; we felt like family by the time we left.

Right inside the front door is a wall of neatly hung + well taken care of doors teeming with decorative details + pretty patina.

Outside, we made our way through a metal outbuilding filled with sinks, a few great tables, frames + there it was . . . the beauty we found for our master bathroom door. In true fashion, Ryan spotted this dreamy duo of sea foam carriage doors + it was love at first sight for he + I. This is how it’s done, y’all. I have the desire, he has the muscle + a well-trained eye! He’s been out-picking me since 2010!

seafoam carriage doors
these carriage doors are original to a home in Smyrna, GA

these doors ooze charm . . . look at the tongue + groove craftsmanship!

There were many lovely finds to be had inside + out so, I look forward to going back again soon. It is always exciting to find a place like this for home improvement projects or for those times a little accent is called for here or there to cozy-up your nest a bit!  I hope to go back for a few small scale architectural pieces for just that purpose. Corbels make delightfully interesting bookends or amusing conversation pieces on their own!  I would likely set them on my bookshelves until the need for a doorstop presented itself. haha!  Oh, the mind reels after a visit like the one we enjoyed this morning– what luck!

  • Take a peek at a few finds that stole my heart via my instagram highlights @piddlinfinds
  • If you’d like to see more of the offerings at Marietta Reclamation, mosy on over to their instagram feed @mariettareclamation.

Thanks for piddlin’ along with us! May all your journeys include an antique stop along the way + may you always have a use for vintage finds in your home!


Piddlin’ Trips | Scott’s +1

It has been -T W O- years since our last trip to Scott Antique Market here in Atlanta.  Last trip it was Ryan, Walker, myself +1 in utero + we got a steal on an old table with chippy green paint.  It has currently taken up residence in our shed as my antique sorting table…hope to share more on that soon!

Just wanted to post briefly here for a moment for all of you who are visiting via instagram or for the first time / in a while.  Scott’s is having it’s monthly show this weekend at the Expo Center down by the airport + I was lucky enough to take my first born babe to tag along.  Boy, did she ever.  She mostly enjoyed pointing which direction she wanted to go next which humorously led us in roundabout circles + figure eights but seemingly always to the art, orientals (that’s my girl!), vintage baby dolls + fabulous cameos alongside exciting costume jewelry!  Pretty good tastes for a not-quite-four-year-old!

I have so cherished watching her grow into her own person + had a goal from the start to teach her to have decisiveness early on.  No one is perfect in making decisions, but for the most part I have a girl who knows what she likes + technically speaking, there are two of them in my quiver!

I hope to post pictures soon (come back to see later!) of the items shared on my insta-stories today along with a couple items we brought home- the BEST!  For now, please message me or comment below with any questions you have about what you see or Scott’s show, as I am more than happy to answer!

Hoping your Mothers’ Day weekend is nice + cooler than the heat wave we are currently weathering here!!



Piddlin’ Decor | Kitchen Scale

‘pressed while watching the Oscars! 

One of the first antiques we found some five or six years ago (in Newburn, North Carolina) was this vintage kitchen scale.

I knew I wanted a scale to liven up my otherwise empty kitchen, though it never occurred to me that I would one day be using it to roughly measure ingredients.  

Score one more for the super useful piddlin’ finds! This piece has been doubling more often as kitchen decor in the past four years in our little-kitchen-that-could + now look at it in all its glory. Just like that, a mundane kitchen task is elevated to a simple pleasure by using something old for something new -so fun!

| keep piddlin’

Piddlin’ Sursies | Baseball Pinball

‘pressed while letting some of the outside in!

“People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”

–Rogers Hornsby 

 While rummaging thru a few stubborn moving boxes I came across this fun game that was a very thoughtful Christmas gift to Ryan the year before last. 

It has been helping ease my baseball fever while encouraging it all the same!  Added bonus; it serves as a fun teaching tool in the continued explanations of our favorite sport to our toddler, who seems to have already developed a love for sports!

Go Braves! (…and Yankees…and Jays…and…well, I wouldn’t mind seeing The Cubs win another…)
| keep piddlin’

Piddlin’ Wish List | Vintage Pickup Truck

Sometimes I get carried away in visions of grandeur in which I come across those incredible, once or twice in a lifetime piddlin’ dream-finds: a beautiful piece of furniture, perhaps one with an organizing persuasion; a large card catalog or a full-length antique mirror; a stunning crystal chandelier or the persian rug of my dreams.

Alas, I always come to my senses upon thinking “how would I get the {object of my affection} home?!” Truly, this kind of scheming would simply be out of the question if not for every serious collector’s ever reliable sidekick…

…the pickup truck!

My right hand piddlin’ man + I both have our heads on a swivel if ever we see a vintage beauty in our vicinity.  Largely in part, because we rode off on the back of this gorgeous old ivory chevrolet after waving goodbye to friends + family.  It was magical!

Photo by Virgil Bunao

Pickups sure are a handy thing to have around when the time comes to load up those wonderfully soonworthy piddlin’ finds, but wouldn’t the ultimate piddlin’ find be one of these?!



…A girl {and guy} can dream!

| keep piddlin’!


Piddlin’ Decor | Wire Egg Baskets

It’s amazing to me how many wonderful uses there are for antique wire egg baskets, which makes it another essentially great piddlin’ find!

Originally used as the best way to collect eggs from the chicken coop, these baskets are often still used today for the same purpose.  It does seem that smaller, more modern baskets, as sold at Williams Sonoma for example, have taken the place of these rather large carriers.

Many vintage baskets I have seen are typically made of coated wire that gingerly support the eggs while keeping them from rolling around + breaking.  One of our baskets has an inverted bottom to further discourage eggs from taking a spin around an empty basket.

We currently use ours to corral shoes by our entryway which is excellent for teaching our two-year-old that shoes, like her toys, have a place where they belong.  She often can be seen visiting the basket multiple times in a day to “change shoes”.  Other uses around our home include toting diapers + wipes on road trips + providing a spot on our stairs for items to be toted up + put away.

Take a look at a few more of my favorite creative functions for these baskets below + see more inspiring ideas on my piddlin’ wish list (here).

I particularly love the idea below of using one for apples or perhaps potatoes in a pantry like this one below.  Wouldn’t it be idyllic to have one kept by the back door for collecting freshly picked apples often from your own backyard orchard or something even more simple like chopped firewood? Life seems full of such visions!


Thanks for stopping by! Have you been piddlin’ lately?  Please do let me know what fun finds you have discovered; leave a comment below!

| keep piddlin’ 


Piddlin’ Wish List | This Kitchen

‘pressed while thinking of what we’ll be noshing on for the “Big Game” next Sunday…Go Falcons!

As I began to write this week’s post about wire egg basketsto be continued– I realized I would be remiss to not first discuss this D R E A M of a kitchen gilt with piddlin’ decor:


Where do I begin?!

  • the chalkboard made from an antique mirror + funny enough, similar to ours! // A chalkboard in the kitchen; little makes more sense! //
  • The wire egg crate holding apples // how have I not thought of that?! //
  • the beautifully aged wood walls
  • the unreal jadeite collection… // surely this is the precise color of envy! //
  • the whitewashed original wood panels inside the pantry…

Wouldn’t you just love to see the rest of this home!?  // You can by the way, simply follow the source link above. //

We have a dear family friend whose home is decorated in this way, ceiling to floor, front door to back porch.  Without her as my first piddlin’ muse, I may not even know about this style of living!  You know who you are–JB!  Also, big thanks to mom for introducing us.  There is such an incredible energy I get just walking into + through her home each time I visit…every item of piddlin’ decor just seems speak to me + each piece has been placed with the utmost thought + intention making for a very cozy home, regardless of size.  One of my favorite features in her home is an antique screen door on her pantry as well as the bathroom full of mirrors!  //  “Don’t forget to sign the guest book!”–yes, really. //

This vignette above captures my home’s style perfectly.  What a better way to make old things new, than turning one’s piddlin’ finds into piddlin’ decor that help keep things tidy to boot!?  Swoonworthy!

What do you love most here?  I would so love if you’d tell me how you use your favorite antique around your home!

Speaking of…more to come on egg crates next week, plus it’s almost time for February, which means all things: ❤️💘💕💖😍

| keep piddlin’


Piddlin’ Decor | Coke Crates

‘pressed in the pauses of a crazy full season of life!

The vintage coke crate.^

There are a great many uses for this quintessential piddlin’ find.  Be ‘ware of imitators!

I first brought this crate back to Ryan (filled with cans of RC Cola) + he loved it so much, we decided to use it at our wedding  reception to serve them up once again as a parting snack: RC Colas + moon pies.


We also have used a few of these sturdy wooden boxes to organize our movie collection, though I have since consolidated them as a part of the all-important collection culling process I last wrote about. (More to follow on that soon!)

These crates, four or five in all, have also been a convenient home to the dog’s items: his brush, ball, collar, dog bags + leash.  They have also served as our catch-all spot by the front door for the last five years, cordially known as “the front box”.  Keys, tide pens, lint rollers, mail, sunglasses, Burts’ bees, sunscreen…you name it.  It is one of the first antiques I gifted to Ryan to “fill his house”.

catch all

Most recently, this same crate has helped us corral + display children’s books + was an instant hit with my toddler who loves to read!


This piddlin’ find has become a functional must-have piece of piddlin’ decor around our nest over the years + could easily be used for even more purposes.  See more inspiration for decorating/organizing with coke crates by searching “coke crates” on Pinterest or Google + please do let me know how you would use yours!

(^) “coke” is of course Southern for any type of soda, though I should mention Coca~Cola is #1 at our nest!


| keep piddlin’!

Piddlin’ Decor | Curating + Culling Collections

‘pressed while watching my Seattle Seahawks play the Falcons here in Atlanta–Go ‘Hawks! 


Turns out moving is tricky for a “collector”…not only did we have many fragile items to pack, but it has made me even more aware of my hoarder tendencies! …I kid, though I as of the New Year I am seriously re-evalutaing which pieces bring me a sense of joy.  I had always heard moving to another state can be a catalyst to fixing this problem + I can see why.  In a matter of two weeks, it has turned from heavy stressor to exhilarating opportunity!

My beau + I always loved traveling to football games when we were dating, engaged + newly-married, so piddlin’ happened on our way home from most road trips we took.  This hobby really took-off after I was describing my love of old things + how I simply had no room in my apartment to add any “new” finds.  All he had to say was “you can fill my house with antiques” + it was off to the races!

Fast-forward a year or so, + it was he who had found so many of the fun things that now furnish + organize our married home including this iron lantern pictured above.  The lantern was found by my husband + given to me the day we were engaged; it serves as an excellent reminder to only keep the items that bring pleasure/joy/happiness to our home.  See the full story of this sentimental antique here.

As each room slowly gets unpacked here, it is encouraging to see each of these “old things” find new purpose or perhaps a new home while I remember their stories.  As each year has its seasons, so too may we all have a time to curate + cull our treasured collections!

| keep piddlin’


Piddlin’ Wish List | Antique Rugs

‘pressed while snackin’ on Trader Joe’s multi-grain pretzel nuggets + cookie butter

Hello there!  It’s been a little while!  Our second baby girl arrived in late October + oh, what a morning it was.  We’ve been savoring her mellow soul, serene eyes + warm snuggles for the past few weeks in her journey from newborn to infant.

These days there is a bit of a changed motive for me when it comes to piddlin’.  After two babies, a recent out-of-state move + the start of a new year,  I have been keen to thin out the absurd number of “things” we have amassed as a family in the past few years–despite my best efforts to “tidy” a la Marie Kondo.  It has even become terribly difficult to continue to accept gifts of any kind because we as a family just don’t “need” anything!  We are blessed beyond measure.

On that note, I give you a post -perhaps the first of many- that is an excerpt of a recurring daydream of mine.  It is a vision of a home that is simple, warm + seasoned with love, a place free of judgement + chock full of the most intentional kind of hospitality.

Over time, I have come to deeply appreciate the artisanship of beautifully woven rugs, each from far away + long ago.  I have only begun to scratch the surface on the heritage of these incredible works of art, but look forward to perusing many a library book on the subject, soon!  Here are a few Persian or Turkish woven wonders that have caught my eye during recent early morning musings.  See more antique + antique inspired rugs on my “piddlin’ wish list” via Pinterest.

May your Winter Saturday be full of warmth!


| keep piddlin’!