Piddlin’ Trips | First Family Fun Trip

We did it. Ryan + I took our little girls piddlin’ + it was A M A Z I N G!!

There isn’t much I love more than sharing my piddlin’ adventures… what we saw, what we picked… but this trip was one of those milestone moments for me.

The moment your children enter your life, you realize through a lingering fog, slowly, that life will never be the same. All of life with or without children is an adjustment- things are changing around each of us everyday. With kids, you go through a constant state of redefining “normal”. While we were piddlin’ on Saturday, I had a moment of clarity where I could almost see this proverbial page turning. We have reached a new chapter. My family has graduated to a piddlin’ cortet + the only way it could be better is if our pup could tag along too.

Not only could the girls hang, but the did so with gusto! The kept us laughing + smiling around every bend. We managed to squeeze in four stops, y’all–! F O U R -! I fully expected to head back home after the first refurbished mill stop, but the trick is staying “fueled”. man, woman + child alike! Pack snacks, eat often!

They enjoyed seeing all the old things, + as you might imagine had many talks about what is this + why is that + never has “don’t touch” been uttered in so many creative ways. We saw thousands of objects + it felt good to be back at it… like riding a bike. I have known the thrill of a hunt from a very young age + Ryan + I have enjoyed many a good piddlin’ trip… this one just took the cake.

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