Just Piddlin’ Y’all!

Okay, first order of business, I owe you a post and it will be a good one when I finally find the time to polish it up! More importantly, I awoke Saturday morning to find a lovely little magazine article from a publication you may have heard of…Southern Living – !!! posted on my facebook page.

“The Fine Art of Piddling”

The article is in this month’s issue and talks about the art form that is piddlin!!! Please, don’t take my word for what a fun read this is! Just read it here in Rick Bragg’s Southern Journal! {Enjoy}

Keep Piddlin’!


pidd-lin’: v. [slang for piddling] to lollygag around town in search of one man’s trash, your treasure; to dilly-dally enjoyably

| ex. the way it feels to wake up early on a saturday + rolling out of bed, throw on the most comfy clothes, flop on your best worn-in ‘ball cap + snag a piping hot cup-a-joe how you like it to-go, just in time to arrive at the morning’s estate sale + auction.  As late mornin’ rolls around, you head on up the road to the local antique market just to see what treasures may have been lying in wait to be discovered by its next interested owner.

…that’s piddlin’ at its finest + I could do it everyday.

| keep piddlin!