Piddlin’ Trips | Piddlers’ Speed-Pickin’ Surprise

This Thanksgiving my boys + I traveled to Southport for our second year eating turkey and oysters with the fam…so I made sure to bake a few of great grandmother Helens cutouts!sugar cookie tradition
Another tradition around this time of year is piddlin’, both while meandering in downtown Southport, as well as on our way home! 

First stop: Olde Church Antiques in Supply, NC just outside Shallotte! Sitting right on the highway, I had definitely been in once before on a little piddlin’ outing with a family friend, her daughter, and my mom while we were all vacationing at their beach house on Oak Island; we were fascinated by the number of vintage signs that lined the ceiling!
olde church antiques
This trip was predetermined to be a speed pick and so it had to be quick, especially with the pup in tow. We did a blitz of the upstairs and ran downstairs “just to see”…not 3 minutes had we been spelunking this old, cold and wet basement, when Ryan {who seems to have become even better at eyeing the finds than myself lately} find a wonderful double wash-basin on casters that we plan to turn into a bar! All his idea! {What a catch!}
After spotting the red dot on the price tag, we knew we’d get a steal on the awesomely aged, two-tub basin and can’t wait to get it in commission so we can host friends when they come over during the holidays! {consider that your open invitation}
wash basin bar
Now since then, we have seen an incredible streak of piddlin’ luck! Take a look at these other piddlin’ basics we’ve been lucky to find:
This perfect little red and white enamelware bucket, a perfect match with the other one we have to store cleaning products!! {Makes it super easy to tote around the house from room to room and it’s much cuter than any old plastic bucket for sure!}red and white enamelware bucket
I have been searching for what seems like months for a rake head just like this one!! Go figure, Ryan finds it- in the back of a pretty large antique store in downtown Georgetown {on Front St} -of all places! It will be great once we hang it on the wall for organizing necklaces and bracelets! What a fun contrast that’ll be!!
rake head
Now this was a GREAT find! I have only ever found ONE other paint by number which now hangs on our French-inspired bedroom wall pictured is a Paris street with a cafe, art peddler’s cart and a view of the Eiffel Tower! It was a ridiculous $5 at Metrolina in NC! This one is a beauty and sure to be among our wintery/Christmas decorations for years to come! $10 at the awesome ‘tiques store downtown Southport! Just feast your eyes!!!paint by number winter scene
Check out this egg basket! Currently sitting under our tree and filled with tree trimmings + makes a great organizer for just about anything! For now it makes a great decoration!


This next beauty stole my heart while we were piddlin around the antique shops in downtown Southport! It was just recently featured in Country Living this past Fall as they showcased a bunch of collegiate memorabilia…I have a feeling it’s owner knew this, as the price reflected its newfound limelight; so it stayed in Southport and I left daydreaming about all the uses for it at our tailgates to come-napkins, utensils, cookies. Ryan and I both decided it would have been worth it had any “good” schools (i.e. ours)  been included…hahah maybe next time!college pennant lunch pail

Lastly, I have to share this fun locker rack that we found while poking around the cutest little coffee shop! 20121218-234028.jpg
Unfortunately the locker was in use and unavailable for purchase, but we still enjoyed some delicious chai lattes at the quaint coffee/antique shop!20121220-085335.jpg
…and found Josh Duhamel’s scribble on the wall from his recent time spent in Southport filming Safe Haven! Josh Duhummel was here
I love our Thanksgivings in Southport- always so full of fun and excitement! Christmas in Ryan’s hometown of Elizabeth City is always fun too- I love spending time in the town where he grew up and spending more time getting to know all of his family better!

Next up: take a peek at how we do Christmas decor with antique flair!

Lots of Christmas joy and love to you and yours,

| keep piddlin’