Piddlin’ Wish List | Antique Rugs

‘pressed while snackin’ on Trader Joe’s multi-grain pretzel nuggets + cookie butter

Hello there!  It’s been a little while!  Our second baby girl arrived in late October + oh, what a morning it was.  We’ve been savoring her mellow soul, serene eyes + warm snuggles for the past few weeks in her journey from newborn to infant.

These days there is a bit of a changed motive for me when it comes to piddlin’.  After two babies, a recent out-of-state move + the start of a new year,  I have been keen to thin out the absurd number of “things” we have amassed as a family in the past few years–despite my best efforts to “tidy” a la Marie Kondo.  It has even become terribly difficult to continue to accept gifts of any kind because we as a family just don’t “need” anything!  We are blessed beyond measure.

On that note, I give you a post -perhaps the first of many- that is an excerpt of a recurring daydream of mine.  It is a vision of a home that is simple, warm + seasoned with love, a place free of judgement + chock full of the most intentional kind of hospitality.

Over time, I have come to deeply appreciate the artisanship of beautifully woven rugs, each from far away + long ago.  I have only begun to scratch the surface on the heritage of these incredible works of art, but look forward to perusing many a library book on the subject, soon!  Here are a few Persian or Turkish woven wonders that have caught my eye during recent early morning musings.  See more antique + antique inspired rugs on my “piddlin’ wish list” via Pinterest.

May your Winter Saturday be full of warmth!


| keep piddlin’!