Piddlin’ Surcies | Sherbert / Champagne Glasses

pressed while making the old backyard shed, new

The best gifts in life are those that we don’t expect at all, aren’t they? I was given one such package this Christmas that didn’t come wrapped, but rather in a plain brown box with my name written on it. I could hardly wait to get the chance to open it up + see the heirlooms that lay wrapped inside.

I uncrumpled each piece of newspaper to find these sparkling cut glass champagne/sherbert glasses emerge a week before the new year! What a delightful surprise! I immediately rinsed them off + placed them on our silver tray, adding a few small silver + gold ornaments in some + a couple tea lights in the others to throw together an easy vintage NYE table centerpiece.

For those who may be curious, the glasses are Wexford by Anchor Hocking, made from 1962-1998. I feel fortunate having been given this surcie because it’s always a nice treat to know the story about a vintage object + to have that bit of history to pass on to later generations of family.

I recalled first admiring these as I tried to think back to the last time we had visited at her house, pre 2020. I felt closer to Ryan’s Granny in spirit as I envisioned how many times these glasses may have been used on joyful occasions at her home. I just spoke to her yesterday + she has always been one of the most gentle people I know. Thank you to our sweet Granny Shirley!

I’m already imagining an ice cream party for one of the girls, her friends + their dolls, or maybe we’ll use these for an after school scoop of ice cream, or a cup of sherbet following a Sunday supper. Maybe one day we’ll pour punch for friends + family at a shower, or use them to toast the New Year with friends! No matter what we use them for, I’m excited to think about making new memories while imaging all the past occasions.

What do you think? Do you have any glasses like these that have a special purpose? I’d love to see them sometime!

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