Miss Southern Priss: The story of Jocelynn

SO- I owe you an explanation on what I’ve been up to. First, may I just shamelessly say how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, caring, kind-hearted and selfless beau! (the rest of this sentence should read: ….that will drive me down to BRUNSWICK, GA even though when I fell in love with this revamped piece of furniture I thought we’d be retrieving it on our way home from North Carolin’) …YEA.

so long story short. sorority sister (the wonderfully amazing, bkick) introduced me to Southern Priss, prepare to be wowed by her page on facebook; then I get stuck in some traffic one random day after work, am browsing the latest and greatest on Southern Priss’ facebook page; before you know it, I’ve become the first one to comment “SOLD” and the piece is mine…just in time to find out that my lovely and also kind sorority sister had *just* commented her absolute love for “jocelynn” as she was so named; well after the back and forth vigorus texting with britt, we decide that I could have it, ’cause anyone could have bought it in the time that she had to wait on her hubby to give the go ahead and well- HERE she is in her new home/my new fabulously comfy living room. (she is the answer to my prayers!) the living room was more like a storage space before her and jocelynn added this pop of color and bam: instant living room….well I guess the few antique finds do help out a bit…;) tell me what you think!! Britt- I OWE YOU ONE!!!

Love at first sight!

| keep piddlin’


2 thoughts on “Miss Southern Priss: The story of Jocelynn”

  1. You are the SWEETEST! I love your spirit and your kind words life me up so much! I am so thankful Jocelynn was adopted by someone who loves her so much! I appreciate you more than you know! and your living room looks fabulous!


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