Tobacco Road Trip

You’ll never guess where WE went piddlin’ last weekend….well let me back up. The reason for the road trip was graduation! My beau’s brother received his degree from Elon University this weekend and their ceremony was absolutely beautiful…”Under The Oaks!”

I took a million pictures for the happy grad to have as a keepsake reminder of his day…it was the first graduation I have really attended other than my own, so it really had a great deal of meaning to me.

So Elon…you’re thinking…where does that put us on the map? Well if the title didn’t give it away, then my tweets this weekend would have! We were smack dab in the middle of North Carolina- Tobacco Road refers to the stretch of schools along an area that at one time produced the most tobacco in the country.

Here’s what we found! Piddlin goodies below…

Riding through Duke Forest…
Dentist sign for DeeDee’s office!
“friendship” pyrex bowl for my friend & may birthday girl ~ jessie
perfect for stashing receipts or just knocking out all those short orders!
love love LOVE milkglass- almost as much as I love these gardenias!
                                            windows for memo boards (more to come on that)
will you just look at that patina!

Now- What would a “Tobacco Road Trip” be without some pictures of the infamous schools found in its path?

Cameron : Home of The Duke Blue Devils
The Old Well at Chapel Hill

…look for more pictures from the trek on facebook! And, stay TUNED! More piddlin’ adventures to come…until then, au revoir!

One thought on “Tobacco Road Trip”

  1. Katherine
    I love your blog. Glad I found it (Facebook) Your style of writing is so fun to read and I love to see the places you go. Looks like so much fun.


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