Sursies from Scott’s

Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta was incredibly overwhelming! Antiques were uncovered, memories were made, and without further ado, here are my finds:

Cast Iron Twine Holder/Dispensers @ $12 each, settled for $22-
Check In! Check Out! | Very hard to find!! Asking price $65….settled for $50.
A beautifully handcrafted mirror-frame off of an old oak dresser that will SOON become a chalkboard agenda for the house! | sticker price $48…SOLD! for  $35!
Another, shorter ladder…because there are too many neat things to do with ladders!! $30 asking price, I got it for $25-

And all these sundries cannot be fully enjoyed without a few pics from the rest of the trip:

Gotta have some good reading material!!! | Country Living is definitely our mag. of choice!
What’s a good girls’ trip without the Happy Hour spread!?
Loads & loads of such good “junque!!”

That’s all for now!

keep piddlin!


5 thoughts on “Sursies from Scott’s”

  1. Great finds!! over the years Sam and I have enjoyed piddlin!! lots of stuff for everyone to get rid of. Love to you and Ryan.


  2. MC, I love antiquing in Atlanta & the Scott’s show. Great memories from way back when… Ya’ll need to do some Piggin Piddlin up North in New york – I found your ladder for $6 and mine for free (on the side of a highway – must have blown off a truck, lol).

    When ya’ll comin to town? Sister Sara
    PS Bouckville later this week – I cant piggin wait!


    1. Aunt Sally- this is a time card holder! You know like the ones that are hung next to those time clocks that stamp/punch your card when you check in and out? It is so awesome. We’ll probably use it for pictures, postcards and to do lists!!!


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