Piddlin’ Surcies | Family Heirlooms

Some of the very best piddlin’ finds aren’t finds at all but may be given as sursies!!

The last time we went to NC was for a baby shower with family + friends of ours back in April! It was so sweet seeing everyone, especially my husband’s mom, brother, aunts, cousins + grandmothers.  We were so blessed to be showered by such lovely + beautiful gifts as well as most of the much needed items for the nursery + baby.

After the shower, we stopped by Grandma’s house to give a few hugs + kisses before hitting the road + she surprised us with two of the most beautiful family heirlooms that we are sure to treasure + hand down for years to come!

Some of the very best piddlin’ finds aren’t found, but are given as sursies!!


Such incredible family heirlooms! Thank you so much Grandma for letting us look after these gorgeous family mementos. We love you so much.



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